New ramps opening at Maitland Boulevard off I-4

Listen up I-4 drivers there will be major changes coming to the Maitland area—two new ramps will open at the Maitland Boulevard interchange starting the morning of Wednesday December 7th. This is all part of the I-4 Ultimate Project. The new entrance ramp for I-4 eastbound to westbound Maitland Boulevard will be a big change for drivers.

“You’ll need to exit about 1,500 feet further, passed the old exit point instead of looping to the left up and over I-4 like you had done there will be an exit to your right that will loop around that will get you on Maitland Boulevard before you cross I-4,” said Dave Parks with FDOT

The other new ramp will open at the end of next week. Westbound I-4 drivers heading to westbound Maitland Boulevard will exit about 1,500 feet sooner than before. This will be the 7th ramp FDOT has opened in Maitland since July.

“The big thing here, we’re taking away all the traffic lights, every direction will have their own dedicated ramp. We’ll create a free flowing interchange. So you’ll no longer have to stop at traffic lights here in Maitland when construction is complete but we gotta move all these ramps as construction evolves,” said Parks.

That’s why FDOT is asking drivers to be patient, pay attention to signs, and know that construction is on schedule. FDOT said the changes in the Maitland area will be completed by 2018.

Another big shift change on I-4 will happen Thursday night into Friday morning of this week. This will occur at the Kirkman Road interchange. This will shift all the I-4 westbound traffic for about a half mile between the turnpike and Kirkman Road.