Nelson says he wants to be sentenced to death

A jury has already convicted Scott Nelson of killing Jennifer Fulford after kidnapping her from her employer's posh Winter Park home in September 2017.  

Since the sentencing phase began, Nelson's attorney's have been working hard, trying to save him from the death penalty. Nelson made it clear that's not what he wants, telling the jury he would rather die that go back to jail.

"If the jury is to send me to prison to life with no parole," Nelson said before being cut off mid sentence by his legal team.  Instead, they asked him what he'd do if he went to prison for the rest of his life.  "I am a homicidal maniac," he responded.

Then, some bombshell testimony.  With Nelson still on the stand, state prosecutors jumped at the opportunity to let Nelson say his peace.  

"Mr. Nelson, do you want to be sentenced to death?" the prosecutor asked.  "Yes," Nelson quickly responded.  "Your Honor, I'm going to object, that's an improper question," the prosecutor said.

Nelson fought to be able to speak his peace.  The first time Nelson took the stand, his defense team helped him paint an ugly picture of the 25 years he'd spent in federal prison.  

"I've witnessed three murders in the times I was incarcerated," Nelson testified.  He went on to say he had been a victim of rape while in federal custody, adding, "Now, I'm positive for hepatitis C."

The defense looked for pity from the jury trying convince them to sentence their client to life in prison. After wrapping up, Nelson complained to the judge about his attorneys.  

"They won't ask me a question," Nelson complained during what's called a Nelson hearing.  

During that time, with the jury out of the room he convinced the judge he had more to say, and he didn't care that his lawyers told him it wasn't in his best interest.  

"No one wants to go near these two land mines," said Nelson.

It was when the judge allowed Nelson to take the stand again that he claimed to be a "homicidal maniac" saying he wanted to be sentenced to death.