MCO: Spring Break is the "Super Bowl" of airport travel

Airport officials at Orlando International Airport say this time of year is the busiest for airport traffic. 

Saturday is expected to be the fifth-busiest day of this Spring Break period with a projection of over 155,000 arrivals and departures. 

In total, the airport says they could have near record passenger traffic during this time of the year, the busiest time for airport travel. 

"This is our Super Bowl. This is when we have the opportunity to demonstrate to the world what great customer service and the Orlando Experience really means," says Tom Draper, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. "All of our operating systems are in place and tested, parking and concessions are ready for near record crowds."

Orlando International says the time that encompasses Spring Break and Easter is busier than the December holiday season, where they are anticipating more than 7 million passengers between February 27 through April 19.