Man leaves note, chains up bikes of would-be teen thieves in front yard

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Three teens suspected of breaking into cars in a Roseville neighborhood, but when one homeowner scared them off they left their bikes behind.

Now he's got them on full display, hoping to send a message.

Neighbors in a Roseville subdivision say three teenagers tried to break into a Ford truck early Monday morning.

"I'm like, those kids are hopping into cars," said DJ Brown. "We got out and chased them down and we called the police."

All before the cops arrived on the scene.

"When I came back I noticed the three bikes were there but the three young fellas were gone," said Jason Shultz.

So these teenage crooks left their bicycles at the scene of the crime?  So the neighbors tied their bikes to a tree with a note that says come and get your bikes, "punks."

"We figured we'd put it like that and leave a little note for them to come get their bikes said neighbor Rick Hill, whose truck was nearly broken into.

And the neighbors love the display.

FOX 2: "Do you think the kids will come back to get their bikes?"

"No," Hill said. "Hopefully a parent would come and claim a bike and I can tell them what he's doing at one in the morning. I can tell them why the other neighbor had to bang on my door and chase them down. My man over here chased them down. We're not going to do it any more."

Now thanks to the quick action by the neighbors, nothing major was really stolen and no damage was done.  And if the punks don't claim their bikes, they'll be given to a veteran in the neighborhood who fixes bikes.

"We're going to give it to him so he can sell them or donate them and he can put a few dollars in his pocket," Hill said.

FOX 2: "Some might say your neighbors are heroes."

"For sure, we're always looking out for each other," said  resident Richey Hill. "He's like the night crew."