Local DJ to host virtual prom for graduating seniors all over the world

A Central Florida DJ hopes to create lasting memories for graduating high school seniors by throwing them a virtual prom this weekend.

Immanual Smart, known by his stage name DJ Chocolate Rain, hosts virtual "power hours" every Friday night.

People from a Facebook Group of over 800 people join every week.

He got the idea after experiencing show cancellations due to COVID-19.

"All my weddings were postponed to the summer and next year. All our corporate gigs that come in, conventions started getting canceled in like February," he said.

The virtual parties take place on video chat program Zoom.

"It's their roommates, their families, some people bring their kids, it's whoever is in their house and they have a good time," Smart said. 

"There's been themes, so it's fun and been something to look forward to," said one party-goer.

The virtual parties are such a hit, Smart was inspired to tackle a new project: A virtual prom.

It will be open to high school seniors all over the world.

However, Smart will cap the password-protected Zoom room to 1,000 people.

His team will even select students to be voted for prom king and queen.

"I really want these kids to experience a prom," he said. "I remember when I was in school, prom was one of the best times."

Tickets for the virtual prom will be $10.

Those who buy a ticket will receive a password and be added to a guest list and checked before accepted entry into the Zoom room.

Smart says he will also have several moderators to keep things safe.

"They worked so hard to get through high school and they can't even have a prom, so I think this will be a good outlet," he said.

The "Corona Prom" will happen on Saturday, May 9 at 9 p.m.

To learn more, you can visit the Facebook event page here.