'I'm just glad he didn't get hurt': Florida bus driver finds kid alone, on side of street during morning route

While on her route picking up kids for school, Renee Hill noticed something out of the ordinary - a small child standing on the side of the road, wearing only a diaper, and no adult child nearby.

"I spotted a child standing on the side of the road. No clothes, just a diaper," she told reporters. "I'm looking around, like, where's the parent? I noticed parents a little further up, and I said, ‘hey, do you know whose child this is?" They said ’no, he was standing here earlier.'"

Hill asked one of the parents to go get the child, while she finished picking up the rest of the kids in the Cocoa neighborhood. When she came back, she alerted dispatch, who then contacted the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

According to the sheriff's office, the four-year-old boy seemingly followed his slightly older brother to the bus stop, unknowingly to the adult babysitter inside the house. The child's parents are currently out of town. 

His older brother – who is in elementary school – did get on the bus. But was unaware his brother had followed him outside.

"That's how we found out where he lived," Hill said.

She said it took minutes for the sheriff's office to arrive. They alerted the Department of Child Safety, who determined that no crime occurred.

"I'm just glad he didn't get hurt, he didn't get hit by a car, or get kidnaped or anything," said Hill.