Hurricane Dorian not getting in the way of some Labor Day plans

While others are busy preparing for the worst, some people are out having a little bit of fun before Dorian comes to our coast.

The double red flag is flying on the beach. 

The water is now too rough and dangerous for people to go in. 

But, not even a storm named Dorian could stop people from having one last hurrah over Labor Day weekend.

In Daytona Beach, some folks have moved past riding the waves of panic brought on by Dorian. They’re now just soaking up the last rays they can before the storm comes this way. 

People are doing anything to pass the time, and there has been a lot of time spent preparing and waiting for this hurricane. 

“Maybe tomorrow they’ll be panicking again, but tonight, anything goes,” said Ocean Deck manager Dave Lloyd.

Some came to the coast just to see how Dorian would impact it. 

“We just said you know what, let’s load up today and come down here and see what it’s really like, coastline wise,” said Mike Fincher, who lives in Ocala.

The surf is already affected by the storm, and surfers can feel it. 

“It’s just so strong it just as soon as you’re in there, it just pushes you. It’s nice with the height, but it’s a bit difficult with the winds,” said Danielle Martin, who’s in town visiting from Canada.

From the beach to the bar, the hurricane party at Ocean Deck had people spending the day letting loose. 

“We’ve got an evacuation coming on Monday, so I think everybody got tired of the family members and said, 'OK, we’re done doing our hurricane stuff. We’re going to come and do dollar drafts,'” Lloyd said. 

They’re winding down as Dorian continues to wind its way through the Atlantic. 

Mandatory evacuations go into effect in Volusia County on Monday at 10 a.m. for those who are beachside, in mobile homes, RV’s and low-lying areas.