Homeowner asking for help after 5 different cars crash into her home

A woman says cars have crashed into her home on five different occasions. She's trying to avoid a sixth time, hoping to get help from Orange County.

Angelica Samberio walks to her hotel room, where she's been staying with her family for a month, after a car plowed right into her home.  She says it has left it too dangerous to live in the house.

"Even though the house get fixed, I'm scared, and the kids get scared. We're gonna do our part to do some bars in the front, but it still needs something else."

She says last month was the fifth time a car has crashed onto her property at 37th Street and Westmoreland.

"Please I'm asking the county for help. That's what I'm asking.  Maybe we could put speed bumps up?"

A county spokesperson says they installed stop signs outside the home, but in order to put in speed humps, there needs to be a traffic study.

"They did the 25 speed limit, but at 1:30 in the morning if you're running from somebody it's useless."

Angelica says it's a miracle no one was injured during the last five crashes,but she doesn't want to press her luck.

"We leave it in God's hands but have to do our part too."

She plans to have neighbors sign a petition before it's too late.

"I would like to see something happen, I don't want to be on the news saying one of my family members die."