Girl Scout cookies are here: Local troops hoping for selling season rebound

Girl Scouts will pick up their boxes of cookies this weekend to start distribution. 

This selling season is starting with nervous excitement. 

"We're feeling really good. A lot more excitement than last year. Hopefully, things are going to pick up," said Susan Ennis, chief strategy officer for Girl Scouts Citrus Council. 

FOX 35 followed the story as The Girl Scouts of Citrus Council worked well into last summer to try and get every box sold. 

Ultimately, they were left with about $1.2 million worth of unsold cookies for the fundraiser.  

Leaders say the pandemic impacted the number of in-person booths, which are big selling spots.  

"The situation last year – girls and troop leaders were not vaccinated," Ennis said. "Now, we do have vaccines and people are feeling more comfortable and safe."  

The cookies that were not sold last year were donated. 

Every year, extra boxes go to food banks and are sent to troops overseas. 

Council leaders say the budget wasn't impacted due to the shortfall because the organization was eligible for COVID-19 relief funding from the federal government.

The council says fewer cookies were ordered on its first mass shipment this year. 

But don't worry, they expect to order a second mass shipment as they track sales.  

Girl Scouts is rolling out the digital cookie finder app again. 

That allows you to order cookies from a Girl Scout nearby for home delivery or order boxes from the bakery to ship to your doorstep. 

It’s also working with Door Dash delivery for the first time. 

Home delivery is available in some areas to help satisfy cookie cravings and make sure this year's boxes sell out.  

"If people feel like they still want to limit face-to-face," Ennis said. "Initially offered in Melbourne and Orlando and see what happens there." 

One thing that isn't changing this year is pricing. 

Even as inflation ticks up costs at the grocery store, you'll still pay $5 a box this year for regular cookies in Central Florida and $6 for your gluten-free favorites. 

"We have not seen any difference in costs for our cookies when we buy from the baker. I don't know how inflation may impact next year. I think we're OK… hold steady and not have to go up," Ennis said. 

The money raised from Girl Scout cookie sales goes toward service projects for the community, activities for the girls and operating funds. 

That’s why they hope this year is a rebound year.

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