Officials: Body found at Wyoming search site fits Gabby Petito's description

A body has been found in Wyoming in the same area where officials are searching for Gabby Petito. There is no confirmation yet on the identity but officials said the body does fit the description of Gabby Petito. 

Fox News confirms the coroner arrived this afternoon in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Moose, Wyoming, where agents have been looking for the missing Florida woman.  Ten minutes later, K-9 search teams began leaving the area.

The FBI held a news conference from Grand Teton National Park with law enforcement from the National Park Service.  Authorities said the investigation is still ongoing, noting that the body has yet to be 100% positively identified. 

Authorities on Sunday discovered a body at Grand Teton National Park in Moosey, Wyoming, where a search for missing Petito is underway.

"Earlier today, human remains were discovered consistent with the description of Gabrielle "Gabby" Petito. Full forensic identification has not been completed," FBI agent Charles Jones.  "The cause of death has not been determined at this time."

An autopsy for the body believed to be that of Petito has been scheduled for Tuesday, according to the Teton County Coroner's Office.

Petito, 22, vanished in August while traveling across the country with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, 23. He returned home without her and has been named a person of interest.

Laundrie has since disappeared himself.  Multiple law enforcement agencies have spent the weekend combing the swampy Carlton Preserve in Venice, Florida. Laundrie’s parents picked up his car there on Tuesday, then reported him missing late Friday.

So far, search teams have not found anything in the 25,000-acre preserve. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office mobile command center was spotted leaving the scene Sunday afternoon.

Last week, body camera video released by Utah police shows their encounter with Petito and Laundrie on August 12.  Petito sat in the back of a patrol vehicle on the side of a Utah road while Brian remained outside their camper van as law enforcement officials sorted out what transpired after a witness called police reporting a possible domestic violence situation. Police talked with them for over an hour and resulted in the two being separated after a physical encounter occurred between the couple earlier in the day. 

Officers observed scratches on Brian's face and arms. During the body camera video, Gabby also told officers she had no intent to harm Brian.

"What were you intending to do?" an officer is heard asking in the body camera video. "What was the reason behind the slapping?"

"I was trying to get him to stop [telling] me to calm down," Gabby says while in tears. 

"Well, it doesn’t sound to me that she attempted to injure him," the officer says. No charges were filed.


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