Florida animal shelter's kennels empty 'for the first time in history' after every dog adopted

For the first time in its history, a Florida animal shelter's kennels were completely emptied after all of the dogs were adopted.

Volunteer staff at the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control cheered in front of empty dog cages as a show of appreciation.

"Thank you to the shelter staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for, find homes for, and advocate for the pets who come through these doors; thank you to our incredible foster parents who open their heart and homes to thousands of pets each year; thank you to everyone who has opted to adopt a shelter pet - whether it be here or from any of the other amazing organizations out there," the organization wrote on its Facebook page.

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Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control said the kennel shown is one of three at the facility, usually housing strays and overflows from the adoption kennel -- and the first ever to have been emptied completely.

According to the organization, two cats, two horses and a pig are still available for adoption, and are being cared for by volunteers staying inside the facility to preserve social distancing efforts.

Two counties south, Miami-Dade Animal Services and Friends of Miami Animals Foundation planned to hold a virtual adoption session over Facebook Live on April 16, where adoption counselors would showcase adoptable animals and answer questions.