Firefighter back on the job after brutal attack

An Orange City firefighter and paramedic is back at work, a year-and-a-half after she was brutally attacked.

Caroline Dorton went back out on emergency calls this week, but she said she will never forget the one call that put her in the hospital.

"It was a tragic event, she passed away and their two kids also passed away. and he also passed away that night," said Dorton

Investigators say 30-year-old Henry Brown stabbed his estranged wife in April of 2016. Caroline ran to help her, but ended up a target herself.

"I actually saw him physically do it to her and after that the memories faded. The waking up part didn't, that part was very painful."

Caroline was run over by Brown in his car.

"C1, C2 fractures. L4 hip.  Both my legs so he had close injuries, then I had nerve damage in my left knee."

She had seven surgeries and continues to go to the doctor.

"I know I won't be back 100 percent but will be positive no matter what it is."

Positive, because she's still alive. Caroline believes someone from up above was protecting her.

"Considering the graphic nature of the injury and how I was under the vehicle running and considering it was a very small vehicle yes it was definitely there was somebody watching.  They weren't quite ready for me yet so I decided to go back."

Despite her injuries, Caroline says she'll use her experience to be an even better firefighter paramedic.

"Trying to get back in the community and try and be a positive influence. Bad things can happen but there could be a good outcome."

Caroline says she's back working full time but plans to take it slow.