Family selling Christmas trees to fund adoption

There is a Christmas tree tent in Clermont, where sales will help rescue a child in India. 

The trees may look like any other Frazier pines, but for Ben Homan, each tree sold will help to expand his family, by adopting a child from an Indian orphanage. 

"We're adopting a third child," Homan said. "My wife and I lived in India for a while. It's always been a special place in our heart."

While the couple has been approved to adopt, the process could takes months to finalize and cost thousands.  So, to chip away at the expense, Homan decided to open a Christmas tree tent at the base of the Citrus Tower in Clermont.

The started with 200 trees on Black Friday and were down to 60 this week. 

"It's going well.  We're having fund," he said. "Its just a creative way to do a little furnraiser."