Eustis Police searching for man who shot at car after driver honked at him

Eustis Police are looking for help identifying a man who shot at a car after the driver honked at him. Police say after the shooting, the victim came to police headquarters to report what happened. They say tips were already coming in after they were able to get out the shooter's picture using cameras mounted in the car.

In the video, a group of people are seen crossing the road in front of the car. As it gets closer, the driver honks the horn. You can see a man in white already holding a gun in his hand. As the car passes, the man raises the gun and fires a shot that hit the car's trunk.

Sherry Shook lived right near where it happened. "I thought I heard a loud pop," she said, "I thought maybe it was somebody had a flat tire."

Shook said she couldn’t believe that would happen on her quiet street. "It's kind of disturbing, you know? Scary."

Eustis Police Chief Craig Capri said they needed to get this guy off the streets. "We have a serious problem here, I have someone with a handgun being set off by something as simple as a car horn."

Capri said anyone who recognized the man, or the people with him, should contact Eustis Police. He said they already had some promising leads. "I'm proud to say we're getting a lot of great leads and information. We'll be able to identify this thug very soon. We'll file charges against him and we're going to lock him up and get him off the streets where he can't hurt anybody."

Chief Capri said the video was pivotal in this case. He added that car cameras, doorbell cameras, surveillance cameras, and the like all give them valuable evidence to solve crimes.