'Embarrassed': Bunnell Elementary fourth-graders discuss special assembly for Black students

Two fourth-grade students who were taken out of class to a special assembly for Black students at Bunnell Elementary School are speaking about what happened.

FOX 35 News spoke with the two students, with their parents' permission. The two students were pulled from class on Friday to attend the special assembly. When they got to the assembly, the 9-year-olds realized that it was being held just for the Black students in the school.

"I just noticed how it was only Black kids in the cafeteria," said Jeff Isaac Jr. 

"I was embarrassed," said Kenadee Robinson. "Because they put us in the cafeteria because of race. And, the color of our skin."

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The assembly focused on improving the test scores of the Black students at the school. But, this left Kenadee with a lot of questions because she got good grades last year.

"I was confused and curious why I was getting called down if I had a really good test score last year," said Kenadee.

The Flagler County School District said this was the school's attempt to motivate the Black children to raise their test scores.

"Students should never be separated by race," said Interim Superintendent LaShakia Moore on Wednesday. "We acknowledge that this and other subgroups of students need to improve, but our commitment is to improve academic achievement for all students."

Jeff said the assembly scared him because of what one of the teachers told the Black students.

"I didn’t like how he said if we don’t have high scores that we could get shot, dead, or end up in jail or on the side of the road," explained 9-year-old Jeff. 

"It made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe. I don’t want to go to school now because I don’t want to end up in jail, the side of the road – or get shot or anything."

The students' parents are calling on the teacher who led the presentation to be held accountable. The school district has not yet said if any staff members will be facing consequences. 

An investigation is underway.