Chilly beach day across Space Coast

Blustery, bitter cold was countered with wool blankets and scarves, instead of the umbrella and towels, at beaches along the Space Coast.

The thermometer was struggling to hit 60, the sun was gorgeous all day and barely a cloud in the sky, but there was definitely a nip in the air.  In the 1990s, Marty Martin lived in Melbourne, but he’s been living in Tulsa, Oklahoma in recent years.

“I had built this time in to be at the beach, and I was determined to get that time in, and so yo’ve just got to roll with what you are served up,” Martin said as he sat in his beach chair, all bundled up.

Drawing is Martin’s hobby. Today, he was hoping to have a specific subject matter, some of the seagulls, but the conditions were uncooperative for that, so Martin just took in the view of the ocean.  Back in Tulsa, temperatures were in the 40s, and wind gusts reaching 40 mph made it feel colder, according to our Fox affiliate.

Martin says he’ll be in Florida until next Sunday and if this is the coldest it’ll get- that’s still a day at the beach for him.

“I’ll take what I’ve got here for sure,” Martin said.