Brevard County authorities investigating 4 house fires

Four mobile homes were destroyed in four separate fires in Cocoa on Wednesday. The Brevard County Fire Chief says the cause is under investigation.

You could see the orange ball of flames caught on cell phone video from down the road here on Gatewood Street in West Cocoa.

Neighbor John Argila said, "I looked over and thought they had a fire pit, but the whole house was in flames."

Firefighters rushed to the scene of a mobile home, with a family inside.

"A neighbor came to their aid to try and get them out. They did exit safely. We understand it's one of the neighbors that live nextdoor," explained Brevard Fire Chief Mark Schollmeyer.

Argila said he is that neighbor who lives next door.

"I kicked the back door in, ran inside, got the two kids out and the dad jumped out the window."

The fire chief says the man suffered burns and one of the kids had a minor burn to the finger.  Two dogs also died in the blaze. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only devastating fire.  Roughly four miles away, another family lost everything off Lake Drive.

"All I seen was all the smoke and everything burning. Everybody I knew got out, except a little dog. They say the little dog was still in there," said neighbor Phillip Simpson.

Firefighters said three mobile homes were destroyed. A mother with a three year old child and two men renting rooms in the home, now homeless.

"These people lost everything in the fire. So it's not only devastating financially, but this is also emotionally, extremely difficult for them," said American Red Cross Volunteer Emily Valdez.

Neighbors are relieved they all survived.

Argila said, "Got them out just in time."