Authorities warn of wild hog activity in Brevard County

They’re hungry, they’re aggressive, the big bad wolf wouldn’t scare these pigs.  Still, folks in Brevard County have reason to be scared of them.

Police are calling on professional trappers to wrangle up the wild pigs before someone gets hurt. The reason they’re out in force is simple: the pigs are filling their bellies with acorns.

“This time of year, with the weather changes and the rainy weather, they’re basically coming out and feeding and gorging themselves to get them fat for the winter,” explained James Dean, a certified trapper based in Melbourne.

Dean says a 400 pound pig was recently on a tear near the intersection of Minton and Malabar in Palm Bay.

“They can kill a child easily they can cause a fatality with car accidents,” Dean said.

That nearly happened on Sunday, when a driver hit a wild pig near Babcock Street. The pig was killed in the crash, but the driver is ok.

Wild pigs will charge after people, they’re destructive, Dean says they need to be trapped and typically euthanized.

“I have a lot of compassion for animals but some animals cannot be released back into the wild, they’re too dangerous.” Dean said.

Bottom line: keep away, and call authorities if you see one.