101 Paws and Claws: What to know about the new exotic animal sanctuary in Deltona

A new animal sanctuary in Central Florida is providing forever homes to exotic wildlife.

101 Paws and Claws is a nonprofit facility that focuses on pet rehomes and fur farm rescues, according to its website.

The nonprofit said it serves as an educational facility, allowing tours where guests can meet and feed certain animals (such as foxes, ringtailed lemar, and a capybara) and learn the history of the species. 

The guided tours are $100 for a group of five people and are one hour long, the nonprofit said. The funds go toward the maintenance of the animals and their enclosures, according to the sanctuary's website. 

To book a tour, or for more information, visit www.101pawsandclaws.com

FOX 35's David Martin visited the facility and introduced viewers to some of its foxes. Watch in the above video player.