Woman wants answers after dog is mauled to death at Oviedo apartment complex

A Seminole County woman wants justice after she says her dog was attacked and killed by another dog. 

Alicia Gonzalez says she has trouble calling Chewie just "her dog." 

"He was my emotional support animal but even more than that, he was our family," Gonzalez said. 

Clutching one of his favorite toys during an interview with FOX 35, Gonzalez says she’s still struggling to process what happened to Chewie about a week ago. 

She says her 13-year-old daughter Auriana was walking the Yorkie-Pomeranian mix at their apartment complex, Oviedo Town Center, when another dog went after him. 

"I turned around and the dog was running toward me and Chewie and I can’t really remember what happened next but then Chewie was in the dog’s mouth, and he was like pulling him," Auriana said. 

Auriana says she ran back into the apartments with Chewie to get her mom for help. The family says despite an expensive emergency surgery, Chewie died two days after the attack. 

"It was the worst thing that’s ever happened," Gonzalez said. 

She’s now searching for answers. She says the other dog, a large white pit bull, was off leash and its owner didn’t stick around. 

Seminole County Animal Services says officers are patrolling the area looking for the dog responsible. 

"I believe in God and I really want justice for Chewie and my daughter. It’s not right. The way he died was so cruel and unfair, and he was such a good dog," Gonzalez said. 

Gonzalez says she has since moved out of the complex. 

Police say the Oviedo Town Centre leasing office told officers they didn’t have any information about whom who the dog belonged to or whether they lived in the neighborhood. 

We tried reaching someone at the office and haven’t heard back.

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