Man who died after enjoying Disney ride was 'in his happy place,' wife says

The wife of an 83-year-old man who died at the hospital after riding on Disney's PeopleMover ride says he died in his happy place and that Disney did nothing wrong. Joe Masters suffered heart failure and died his wife, Alice, said.

"I know Joe had quite a passion for going to Disney," Lt. Patrick Juliano of the Palm Coast Fire Department. Lt. Juliano was a friend and colleague of the 83-year-old Masters, adding that he went to Walt Disney World with his family back in September. "It was just overall sadness and shock. We had just seen Joe a few days before. To learn of his passing that day is so heartbreaking."

Retired Capt. Masters served as a firefighter in Central Florida and upstate New York for six decades, and even after he retired from active duty, he continued to serve his community by leading fire prevention programs.

"Joe is a remarkable person. He had a servant's heart and was always looking to find ways to give back," Lt. Juliano said. "Even up to the day he passed, he was very active in our department and throughout the city."  

When the department found out their captain died, Lt. Juliano said, "Joe got the honors of a firefighter. He was given a great salute from us." 

Masters's wife tells FOX 35 News that her husband recently started using a pacemaker.  She said they had no regrets about going to Disney World. They have been Disney pass holders for 20 years. She said employees helped her during her time of need.

"He was with his family and at a place where they shared a lot of love and a lot of happy memories," Lt. Juliano added.