'That is a tornado, basically in our front yard': Waterspout spotted near beer brewery in North Florida

A waterspout was seen on April 23 off the coast of Eastpoint, Florida, as storms swept across the state and through the South.

Footage captured by Eastpoint Beer Company shows the waterspout swirling over Apalachicola Bay, near the brewery. A man can be heard in the video, taken from the shoreline, saying: “’That is a tornado, basically in our front yard.”

The South had been battered by a series of storms and tornadoes since April 22, with severe weather stretching from Mississippi to Florida.

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As of the evening of April 23, at least seven people have been killed with dozens of injuries reported.

Severe storms are on track to pummel Central Florida for most of Friday morning. A TORNADO WATCH has been issued by the National Weather Service for all counties in the FOX 51 and FOX 35 viewing areas, effective until 11 a.m. 

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