St. Cloud baby recovering from COVID-19

A St. Cloud mother says she was scared when she found out her first born contracted COVID-19, but she's doing everything possible to keep her healthy.

Baby Aaliyah’s nearly four months old, and after testing positive for COVID-19, her mother isn’t taking any chances.

“This is what we’ve been using to take her temperature,” said Cheslie Enciso.

She says someone watching Aaliyah tested positive and called her immediately.

“I was scared when we found out. Just hearing it affects people who have low immune systems and with babies they’re building their immune system.”

Enciso took Aaliyah to Arnold Palmer Hospital right away, just in case.

“She was coughing and sneezing, she had no fever. She was not eating as much as normal and she was sleeping more than usual.”

She says it seemed like a regular cold.

“Was not even going to bring her in because she was breathing fine, just a little cough and a little sneezing at first.”

Enciso says the doctor didn’t prescribe any medicine, but she clears Aaliyah’s nose everyday so she can breathe easier.

“Kinda made feel helpless in a sense, but just praying over her.”

Nearly three weeks later, Enciso says her daughter is full of personality, biting her hands and feet, and giggling.

"She’s tryng to make noises with her mouth and just looking around learning.”

Enciso says the doctor told her to assume the rest of the family is also positive, so they’re isolating themselves as well.

“Let there be sea and sky says God.”

As she reads a baby Bible to Aaliyan, she’s looking forward to what they hope will be an extra special Easter this year.

“It was scary for sure. I believe that everything happens for a reason though. And I’ve never doubted the fact that she’s a gift from God and that she’s protected. There’s angels all around that girl.”

Enciso, her boyfriend, and her mother were tested at the health department when this first happened, ad the results were negative. Still, the doctor is concerned that’s not the case.

“It’s suprising to me  that none of us have had a fever and we’ve been around the baby who tested positive. They advised us we are probably positive now. They just said self quarantine for two to three weeks to not spread it to other people.”

She says she could have spread it to others but didn’t.

“If I had gone out and touched things and coughed, it passes through droplets. So if I would have done that, I could have spread it to somebody else who has an underlying condition.”

She prays everything will be ok.

”We can make it through this, we will make it through this. Not everyone dies. Just be vigilent, and spread the love of God.”