Shoppers snagging deals at Lucky's Market before grocery store closes

You might get lucky at Lucky's Market. The grocery chain is close most of its stores and prices are getting slashed.

From the moment you step inside Lucky's Market now, it's clear the store has had a very unlucky couple of days.

"It was very shocking. It came very quick. We didn’t have any knowledge of this going on," said assistant store director Drew Meyer.

Word spread that the healthy and relatively inexpensive grocery chain would soon be closing all but one Florida store. 

"It’s kind of sad because you hate to see anything close," said Lucretia Askew, who lives in Orlando.

"We had some feelings that there was something going on. But any experience I've had in the past, they’ve gone Chapter 11. And they decided not to," said Meyer.

The only thing going faster than the rumors is the product. It hasn’t even been two days and already people are already storming the stores, clearing the shelves of all the good stuff before it closes for good.

"You see, I’m out here I’m trying to get everything and everything I can. I’m trying to eat good tonight," said E.J. Nduka, who lives in Orlando.

Everything is marked down 25 percent. Employees say not much is stocked in the back, so what's on the shelves is what's left. The stores are expected to close once everything is gone, which doesn't seem like it will take too long. "The lines were from the registers to where we’re standing for most of the day." 

But it doesn't make saying goodbye any easier.

"It saddens my heart. I love this place because it’s organic food. It’s fresh food. There’s no processed, no preservatives, anything like that. To see them go out of business is heartbreaking."