Search for gunman who shot woman in Apopka

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating a drive-by shooting in Apopka that sent a woman to the hospital.

"Unbelievable," shooting victim Patricia Butler said. "There's even bullet holes in our bathroom and the bathroom doesn't even have any window in it."

Deputies believe there were more than 40 shots fired during an apparent drive by shooting at a home on East 13th Street.

"I didn't know what was going on," Butler said. "I was still half asleep. I was in shock."

Butler said she was sleeping in her bedroom when the bullets came into the room.

"Got up, put my shoes on to run out the door and I ran around the bed and there was blood running down my blouse," Butler said.

She thought one of the bullets hit her in the head, because of all the blood. Luckily, it just grazed her. She was taken to the hospital.

"We found out it wasn't a bullet in there," Butler said. "It just grazed by a put a very long and deep wound, and they put some staples in it."

She lives in the home with several other roommates. She's only been in the area for a few months.

"I just pretty much stay by myself and keep to my own business," Butler said. "This is why. Even if I'm minding my own business, (it) happened anyway."

Police are still investigating the shooting and have not made any arrests yet. Butler is thankful to be alive.

"I mean, it's scary," Butler said. "You don't know what's going to happen tonight or tomorrow night or if it's going to happen ever again. Probably not. I hope they're not stupid enough."