Port Orange business facing backlash for requiring masks

A Port Orange business owner says she's facing backlash for requiring customers to wear face masks. 

The owner of The Fashion Safari requires people to use hand sanitizer and a face mask when they enter her business. If a customer does not have a mask, then she'll give them one for free. However, she's gotten backlash from some of her customers.  

"I’ve gotten nasty emails, nasty things on our Facebook page, someone sent me a lovely greeting card, and inside was just profanity all because of the mask requirement," said Owner Rosalie Shapiro.  

In one instance, she had to tell someone to leave the store. 

"She said no you’re violating my civil rights and this is all BS. And, I said I’ll give you a mask, I’ll do whatever you like, and she said I refuse and started walking toward me," Shapiro said. "I said I’m sorry you need to go back and leave. I’m protecting my life."

As the state sees a spike in coronavirus cases since phase 2 began a week ago, Shapiro says she will be standing her ground and continue to follow CDC guidelines. 

"I’m not taking any chances and I have a compromised immune system so I need to be careful," Shapiro said. "My customers deserve to be in a safe environment."