Police: Man in custody after stabbing at Winter Park law office

It was a gruesome crime with blood spilled inside an upscale Winter Park law office. Two men were stabbed, and one of them is in custody. 

"I had came out to unload my car to bring my things in for work, and then I saw all these police just swarm, and I saw a body lying on the sidewalk, just soaked in blood,” said Doug Adams.


Adams was on the other side of Fairbanks Avenue at around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, when he saw the moments after a bloody stabbing play out. 

“Well the one guy had no shirt on and the other guy they and they had taken his shirt off. The one guy they had wheeled out in the pink chair there.”

Winter Park Police say the stabbing happened inside one of the law offices in the building. The call initially came in as one man stabbed, but when police showed up, they “responded to the scene further investigation showed that there were two individuals that had stab wounds,” said Winter Park Police Sgt. Garvin McComie.

“I heard another policeman comes running down the street and says ‘oh no there's another one, there's two, there's two,’” said Adams.

The other man found was the suspect, also hurt. He was taken into custody. 


Both men are now at the hospital. Cops say they had some sort of professional relationship but what led up to the fight is still unclear.

“Don't know the circumstances as to what started the physical altercation or the circumstances behind it,” said Sgt. McComie. 

Police have not yet identified the suspect or victim. Their conditions at the hospital are unknown.