Orlando volunteers prepare to help Puerto Rico

While people in Puerto Rico prepare for Tropical Storm Dorian, volunteers in Orlando say they are prepared to provide help if the island needs it.

Countless people were seen in Puerto Rico, Monday, stocking up on water and food. 

Kia Rosario, a Puerto Rican local, describes the last-minute prep as chaos. 

“The gas stations, all of them are packed, the ones that still have gasoline. I went also to the supermarket. The lines are huge lines, no water. They’re already controlling the water to two cases per person,” she said.

Rosario says people still have roof damage from Hurricane Maria in 2017. 

She is quickly working to help those families. 

“I came home to drop off the gasoline, so I could go back down and deliver some water filters to a few families that they’re not ready, they don’t have the money to spend to buy a water,” Rosario said.

Meanwhile, in Central Florida, volunteers are prepared to help if Dorian has an impact. 

Harry Pecunia and others spent months putting together supplies and gathering donations for the island after Maria. 

“But this time, we’re going to make sure it goes into the right hands. There was a lot of waste, a lot of red tape, a lot of confusion during Maria,” he said. “It was devastating to see vans full of water and other supplies just wasted.”

The storm is expected to travel over the island on Wednesday.