Orange County makes safety a priority this school year

Law enforcement across Orange County is focusing on safety this school year.

From training crossing guards in procedures to cracking down on school zone speeding, the school district is making safety a priority. Obviously, cars driving behind a school bus must stop when they are stopped, but even cars driving in the opposite direction of the school bus must stop if there is no physical barrier, like raised glass or a median, between them. 



Orange County School Resource Officers now have active shooter kits, including long guns inside safes at each of the 120 schools. They also have real-time video access to all the cameras in the school district.

"We want parents to feel comfortable and reassured," said Orange County Schools Superintendent Barbara Jenkins.

This year, every student must watch new code of conduct videos. The district says that even joking about a threat is a serious matter.

"If you put it out on social media on a public site, it is subject to review and if it is disruptive to any of our schools it comes under the code of conduct and will have consequences," said Jenkins.