FPL, Duke sending crews to Carolinas

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On Wednesday morning, Duke Energy crews left for the Carolinas.

They're like troops heading out to battle, but these power crews from FP&L, as well as Duke Energy, will be up against Hurricane Florence.  Nearly two-dozen linemen are from Central Florida.

"Those two different caravans will travel up together and once they arrive, they're going to disperse to the areas as the power goes out."

Duke Energy Spokesperson Ana Gibbs says, more than 11-hundred linemen were deployed from Florida. They'll restore power in the Carolinas.

"They find a place as close as they can to where it's going to hit, so once it's going to hit , so when the storm passes through they can respond to the storm as safely and quickly as possible."  

She says they'll deal with very dangerous conditions.

"Imagine working a hurricane right after it passes and in addition some of the conditions that their dealing having to do with our electrical lines."

She says it's a sacrifice for everyone who goes, "They're gonna be leaving their families and children behind to help others get their power back on."

TECO Energy's sent 250 people and FP&L 's sent more than 500 employees, like Wade Jollimore from West Palm Beach. He was also deployed to Puerto Rico last year.

"This is what we do, we love working at home but to be able to travel and restore people who are going to be impacted it's a great feeling."

Especially great, because some of those that they will be helping came to our rescue in the past.

Ana says, "When these types of storms happen whether it's a hurricane or blizzard, much like people helped us in Hurricane Irma it's basically our turn to return the favor."