Florida father starts petition to push for in-person learning

As a petition to postpone a return to in-person learning gains more signatures in Florida, a Brevard County father has started a petition of his own to start school without delay.

While MoveOn.org still needs to review the petition, Christopher Messina says he felt it was essential to gather support for those who plan to send their kids to school. He says some children do better learning in the classroom and want to see their friends.

"What’s more important is the socialization and being with friends and dealing with all that. So it’s critically important that schools reopen and it’s disheartening to hear anyone trying to stand in the way of that."

Messina wanted to speak out after seeing our story air on FOX 35 News regarding a man who was concerned about COVID-19 spreading in schools and asking the governor to postpone in-person classes. Messina says everyone has a right to make their own choice, whether it's a student or teacher.

"What I find very disconcerting in general is the degree to which I’ve seen rational adults turn into panicked fear mongers. If he’s concerned, by all means, stay home. We’re having that discussion with teachers and administrators now. You no longer want to do your job, don’t do your job."

He says his kids are excited to return to the classroom and believes many others who want to go should have that right. If you're interested in seeing his petition, visit MoveOn.org.