Florida couple still waiting for son, daughter-in-law to return from Tokyo coronavirus quarantines

"I will not be tested again until Wednesday or Thursday," a woman talks into her camera. Her name is Rebecca Fraser.

Analyn Fraser, a resident of The Villages, is watching the latest video diary post from her daughter-in-law.

It’s been seven days since Fraser sat down with FOX 35 News.

Rebecca is still in a hospital room in Tokyo, still testing positive for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Rebecca's husband is temporarily wheelchair-bound nursing an injury that occurred before the vacation.

He is still stuck in his cabin on the Diamond Princess.

He’s not sick, but doesn't want to return to America without his wife.   

"Rebecca was there to help him and vice versa, but now they’re separated," Analyn Fraser said.

In the past few days, the family was puzzled over odd developments and scary ones.

Why weren’t they on the chartered planes that took Americans away? Why were 14 infected people allowed on board? How is the virus spreading on the ship? 

"It’s not real fun sitting here watching because you can’t do anything. As a mother, you try to take care of this, take care of that, but we have to wait on the powers that be," Analyn said.

"There's no end in sight," Analyn said. She and her husband moved to Florida from Idaho. Their son and daughter-in-law live in Oregon.

Like so many Americans right now, the Frasers are waiting and praying for the coronavirus to be contained and cure so their family can put this chapter behind them.