Families scramble as Disney World halts sale of most annual passes

Some families are scrambling after Walt Disney World announced it is halting the sale of most annual passes for now.

"This was not the phone call I wanted. I was on the road today and she calls me in a panic ‘they’re not selling annual passes anymore!’ I’m like ‘oh my God,’" said Nate Crisman. 

In the Crisman family from New Jersey, it’s not just a Disney trip now ruined. Christmas is ruined too with Disney World’s announcement that for now, they are stopping the sale of most annual passes. "2022 was going to be our big comeback year and we decided we were going to buy annual passes for Christmas gifts for the family," said Disney Vacation Club member Jenn Crisman.

Jenn and Nate Crisman planned to purchase passes for themselves and their three sons but they only bought three so far. "I’ve been buying once every paycheck. Hit one. Wait a couple of weeks. Hit another one," said Nate Crisman. 

The couple will be flying the family down in January and has at least three more trips planned for next year. "I was like ‘oh no. what are we going to do?’ Because like I said this is our Christmas gift for our kids." 

They’ve been on the phone all day with Disney to see if there’s a way to buy more passes. "It was actually on my list of to-do’s today to sit down, do some work once I got back home, and then buy one more," said Nate Crisman.

They say Disney has told them no exceptions. They say, for now, they’ll wait a few weeks but if Disney doesn’t resume all annual pass holder sales, they’re going to ask for a refund on the ones they’ve already bought. 

"For making that many individual trips, the day passes are just way too much compared to the season pass."

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