DeBary youth football team rallies behind teammate battling leukemia

Seven-year-old Bode Wyatt is in the fight of his life.  

"I’m tired. A lot of stuff going on," Wyatt said. 

Bode was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia in April.

"I think the news has hit my wife and myself and our family harder than it’s really hit Bode," Bode's father, Robert Wyatt said. 

But Bode is missing football. 

His season's been cut short as he battles this disease. 

Bode's teammates are rallying behind him, showing their support by wearing "Bode Strong" jerseys with an orange leukemia ribbon during a recent game.

"It just feels so bad just missing. It’s just like," Bode Wyatt said.

Bode's middle name is "Hulk," just like the superhero from the Marvel comic books. Just like The Hulk, Bode is showing great strength through this new journey.

Bode's family made social media pages ‘Hulk Smashes Leukemia’ to chronicle Bode's journey. 

Even through the pain, Bode is finding a way to lift everyone's spirits.

"When you look at him and you see his fight. You see that he’s still got a huge smile on his face. You just can’t stop. You’ve got to keep strong," Robert Wyatt said. 

A GoFundMe was started for the Wyatt family to assist with medical expenses, child care, and gas getting to and from DeLland to the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital and back.

But right now, the only thing on Bode's mind is getting back on the football field. 

"I miss football a lot and I really hope I can get back on the field," Bode Wyatt said.