DeBary Freedom Fest draws thousands to Gemini Park

DeBary, Florida held its annual Freedom Fest in the heart of Gemini Park to celebrate the Fourth of July. The spectacular festival drew thousands of people for its highly anticipated fireworks show.

For those wanting the best spot for the show, they showed up right when the gates opened to reserve their spot in the grass.

"We do it because so many people come out here because it’s one of the best displays ever every year. It wows me. I love it," said Marcia Kendrick. 

Although some even believe the light show is the real main event. 

 "The laser show," said the young Kylee Deluca. "Seeing all the cool lights when it gets dark."

Freedom Fest 2022 was highlighted by numerous vendors, food trucks, and music echoing through the park. For some like Jake Fauls, this year’s event was the first for his new business Foodie à la carte.

"It can be challenging at times but in the long run, it’s worth every dollar and every face I see and every person I meet. It’s actually a very awesome experience," said Fauls. 

Beyond the kettle corn and snow cones was the "Kid Zone". The fun-filled area had over 120 volunteers from Grace Baptist Church providing patriotic games and a little history lesson. 

"We’ve got the Boston Tea Party where the kids get to go on a boat and throw the teabags. The Daniel Boone shooting range where they are shooting bows and arrows. Kid-friendly bows and arrows and lots of other things," said Pastor Jacob Samples. 

The fun festivities weren’t limited to the kids. 

"It’s so fun. I like the corn hole. We are about to do [Johnny Appleseed Toss] too," said Angela Pedraze. 

At the end of the night, no matter your age or where you are from, fireworks always find a way to bring us together.