Deadline: Orange, Osceola parents to change child's learning option by Friday

Parents in Orange, Osceola, and Volusia counties who would like to switch their kid's learning option will need to do it by Friday.

The school districts are giving parents until Sept. 18 to swap their child's learning plan or stick with the one they have now for the next 9-week term. 

"If your child is attending school through LaunchED@Home they can change to Face-to-Face. If your child is attending Face-to-Face they can switch to LaunchED@Home," the Orange County School District posted on Facebook.

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President of the Orange County Teachers Association, Wendy Doromal, says teachers are anxiously waiting for the new numbers.

 "What concerns them is a lot of them already have crowded classrooms. They're saying that with social distancing they can't seat students more than 3-feet apart. They're worried about more kids coming into the classroom."

After seeing cases pop up in surrounding schools, this Orange County mom is opting to keep her kids at home on LaunchED@Home.

 "They both have been doing really well with both their teachers so that was one of the things we considered on whether to send them back or keep them home for a little bit longer."

To make the change, parents must contact the school their child attends by Sept. 18 so that the school can prepare for the changes.