Boy and grandma stay connected amid COVID-19 pandemic with virtual peek-a-boo

During social distancing, sometimes you have to get creative when it comes to staying connected with loved ones.

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Laura Geer, who lives in New York with her son, captured a joyful moment between himself and his grandma on April 27 during a video chat where the pair played a game of virtual peek-a-boo.

In the video, Geer’s son can be heard gleefully laughing as they go back and forth playing the game.

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The pair have this phone date everyday, according to Geer. Since New York has extended their stay-at-home order until May 15, this is a way for the family to stay connected.

“They each have a cup of hot chocolate while on their ‘date,’” Geer said. “They talk and play, and this was their game yesterday.”

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