Teen buys flowers to give to every girl in school on Valentine's Day

Gentlemen: Jayme Wooley has just raised the bar.

The sophomore at Axtell High School in Texas wanted to make sure every girl in his school from 6th through 12th grade felt special on Valentine's Day -- so he bought every one of them a flower.

The school district posted photos of Jayme and his friends passing out the flowers -- making sure each girl got one.

"Jayme Wooley, Sophomore, has been selected as our student of the week at AHS!" the school wrote on Facebook. "Jayme, along with several friends, braved the cold this morning to pass out a flower to every girl in 6th - 12th grade!" 

According to KWTX, Jayme ended up giving out 170 flowers in total.

"Always put others before yourself," he told KWTX. "You never know who needs it. And always remember that happiness is contagious."

The school couldn't have been more proud of their kindhearted student.

"Thank you Jayme for making Axtell a great place to be."

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