'Please turn yourself in' urges friend of suspect in deadly Orlando outlet mall shooting

Paula Jackson took to Facebook to express her shock that a friend former co-worker of hers is now a wanted man, considered armed and dangerous by Orlando Police. 

Daniel Everett, 46, is accused of gunning Eunice Vazquez, 37, an employee at the Under Armor store at Orlando International Premium Outlets.

“I’ve been thinking about this for two days since I saw it. I’m just like can’t wrap my head around what actually I’m seeing, I’m like wow. This isn’t him. How did it happen?” Jackson said.  “He worked for me for several years. I was the manager at loss prevention safety for Office Max and he was my store manager.”

Jackson says that Everett managed the Office Max store on Colonial Drive.  She says the only complaints she ever got about him never warranted any type of discipline. 

“I think he was a tough manager. So probably some of the employees thought he was tough on him, but he ran by the book,” Jackson said.  

She says she saw him almost weekly.  

“He was the kind of guy that always had a big smile on his face. I did a store visit for him, audits for him. Whether it was good or bad, he absolutely hugged me before I left the store,” Jackson said. “I trusted him.”

Jackson says she last saw Everett less than six months ago.  He tried to get her to come work for him.  

“I’ve seen him several times at the Under Armor outlet, no issues. We talked about old times. No issues,” Jackson said.  

She has a message for her old friend. 

“Please turn yourself in, figure this out. You know this is crazy. Don’t be on the run, figure it out.”

A spokesperson for Under Armor confirmed that all their Orlando area stores were closed again today, but would not say when they plan on re-opening them. 

“The most important thing is the safety of our teammates and we are closely monitoring the situation,” Under Armour’s spokesperson said in a statement.

Orlando Police say Daniel Everett is still on the run, warning he’s considered armed and dangerous.  If you see him, call 911.