Orlando family searching for dog after surveillance video shows someone taking him

The flyers are out in an Orlando neighborhood. Byron and Phenicia Boyce haven’t seen their dog in more than a week. They’re concerned because surveillance video shows someone picking the dog up and putting him into a car.

“He’s the fourth member of our family,” Phenicia said about the Shi-Poo named Sebastian.

Byron says last Monday, he lost sight of the dog outside for a few minutes, but he wasn’t initially worried because Sebastian likes to play with a neighbor’s dog.

“'Sebastian come back.’ He didn’t come. I get up, go look for him. He is nowhere to be found,” Byron said.

The family and their neighbors fanned out to search for the pup near Bennett Road and East Colonial Drive.

The next day, Byron says he decided to check some surveillance cameras in the area.

“We rolled it back, sure enough. Car pulls up, lady gets out, checks his tags out for a second and takes off,” Byron said.

He says Sebastian’s tag included his address and phone number.

On top of that, the dog was pretty much across the street from the family’s house.

No one has reached out since. It’s devastated the couple’s 7-year-old son.

“The first couple days he cried,” Phenicia said. “He had the same questions we did, ‘Who would do this and why?’”

Orlando police are investigating.

According to an incident report, a couple was spotted with a dog that looked similar to Sebastian at a nearby Taco Bell. When a witness told the couple where Sebastian’s owners lived, they went in the opposite direction, according to the report.

“I don’t need to know your name, who you are, the rationale. Just leave him here and we’ll just take him. All is forgotten. We just want him back,” Phenicia said.

Sebastian isn’t even two years old yet.

The Boyces say they’ve checked with local shelters and animal hospitals, but haven’t had any luck there either.