Horses attacked, 1 killed at Lake Helen farm

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A miniature horse on a Lake Helen farm has died after being mauled one week ago, now authorities are investigating.

"He was a really sweet boy he loved everybody, and everybody that met him fell in love with him," said Ann Blair, the owner of the miniature horse.

Blair say she rescued the miniature horse named Teddy five years ago, but just a week ago Teddy looked completely different, his snout bruised and bloody after Blair says he was apparently attacked by loose dogs.

“His whole muzzle and his face was ripped to shreds and Penny’s legs her front leg and her back leg,” Blair said.

Her other horse Penny was also injured during the attack while trying to protect Teddy.

After Teddy’s condition began to worsen he was rushed to the Equine Medical Center in Ocala, this morning they found out he passed away -- meanwhile her other horse Penny is still traumatized.

“She's going to be scared the rest of her life I just think that all pet owners need to be responsible, keep their dogs either leashed or in their yards.

A Go Fund Me account had been set up to help pay for the horse's medical bills and cremation: