Ayala: Cuts over death penalty will hurt safety

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Republicans try to move on after failed health care bill

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  • Good Day at 8 p.m.

    Republicans try to move on after failed health care bill

  • Good Day Orlando at 7am

    FB Director and NSA Chief having closed door meeting tomorrow with congressman nunes

  • Good Day Orlando at 5am

    House votes to block online privacy regulations issued by former President Obama

  • Good Day Orlando at 5am

    Chairman of House Intelligence Committee refuses to step away from investigation

  • Good Day Orlando at 8am

    The White House threatens to cut federal funding for sanctuary cities

  • Good Day Orlando at 5am

    Trump administration threatens to cut funding to sanctuary cities

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  • Authorities in Florida search for dolphin in need of rescue

  • Florida lottery tickets could soon come with warning label

  • Search for missing Ocala kids now focused in Georgia


  • Adele says goodbye to touring

  • You will spend 5 years of your life on social media

  • Rival arrested; posted pic of Fetty Wap chain: Report

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger shuts down troll on Special Olympics post

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  • (KSAT 12)

    12 killed, 3 injured after bus crash near Garner State Park

  • Coast Guard seizes 16 tons of cocaine

  • Woman in custody after shots fired near US Capitol; Capitol Police cruiser struck

  • Woman climbs crane in Downtown LA

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