Roommate gouges woman's eyes out after being accused of being loud

- A Sanford woman, Emily Brinson, is left blind in one eye, after police say she was attacked by a friend, who gouged out her eye.

The Sanford Police Deparment released a report stating that on October 13th, Emily Brinson, 55, was sitting on her couch when a verbal argument broke out between her and her roommate, Quaneisha Knight. The two were arguing because Knight was so loud that it caused a disturbance with their neighbors. 

Brinson told police that Knight then approached her and began to choke her, causing her to be unable to breath. Knight went on to gouge our Brinson's eyes, causing it to become dislodged from its socket. 

The report states that Brinson lost consciousness after this and was in severe pain. However, she reportedly refused to contact law enforcement or an EMS because she was scared that Knight would cause greater bodily harm. Knight had even threatened to "finish her off" if she told anyone what happened.

The next day, police spoke with Brinson's daughter about her mother's injuries. Brinson's eye was dislodged from its socket. Eye surgery was undergone, but the eye still needed to be permanently removed.

Fox 35 spoke to Brinson's son, who said that Knight "was supposed to be our sister, and she jumped on my mom." And he said this all happened "Just because my mom asked her nicely to stop slamming the door."

The son went on to say that his family had been helping Quaneisha out, giving her a place to stay. "My mom did nothing to her. We were looking out for her. We got her stuff when she needed it." 

The daughter told police that charges will be pressed on Knight.

Knight was taken into custody on October 15th and was brought to the Sanford Police Headquarters for questioning. Knight denied any allegations of violence and claimed that she thought Brinson had fell. 

Police placed Knight under arrest. Quaneisha Knight is charged with aggravated battery and has been ordered to stay away from Emily Brinson.

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