Elina Shirazi

Elina Shirazi


Elina Shirazi is the space coast reporter at FOX 35 News. Elina graduated from American University in 2015. Before coming to the area, Elina worked for Fox News in Miami as a multimedia reporter. Most notably she covered the 2020 United States presidential election and Florida news, including the state's recovery from Hurricane Michael, and the Super Bowl. Elina also traveled across the country for major breaking news, and also reported on the Iranian government's lack of transparency during COVID-19. Elina is excited to continue reporting in Florida and covering space coast news, including SpaceX launches and NASA. 

Elina began her career as a producer for Fox News and later worked as a reporter and anchor for WDVM-TV, a station covering Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Elina is originally from Northern Virginia but considers Florida to be her new home. Fun fact, Elina is bilingual, she can speak Farsi fluently, and is always brushing up on her Spanish and French. 

In her spare time she loves traveling, reading, and finding new stories to uncover.

The latest from Elina Shirazi

Russia pulls out of ISS, American companies plan to step up

For over two decades, the International Space Station (ISS) has long been a room, board, and research hub for astronauts. Also, a symbol of the partnership between the United States and Russia. The floating laboratory’s future is now in jeopardy.