Orange County businesses rush to make money before stay-at-home order goes into effect

Many businesses considered non-essential are being forced to close, with a "stay-at-home" order going into effect late Thursday night.

 "As of tomorrow night at 11 p.m., we’re out of business, until we get an order to open," explais hair stylist Jim Whitbeck.

Whitbeck says he contacted as many clients as he could.

"Today we’re trying to get in as many people as we can before we get shut down."

Pam Gustin rushed right in, saying she was scared.

"It’s gonna be very difficult to be home alone."

Whitbeck’s concerned businesses will be washed up.

"You see the barber shop’s closed, the nail salon next door is closed. It’s affecting everybody -- financially and emotionally."

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings says he is trying to stop the spread of COVID-19 by making people stay inside their homes.

"As the mayor of the county I’m trying to make sure we look out for overall health and safety of residents," he says.

But not all counties have the order, making it confusing. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says it’s not needed everywhere and that has drawn criticism.

"There’s certain part of the the state where there’s more sporadic cases and to order someone not to earn a paycheck when it’s not going to have any affect on what we’re doing with the virus, that is something I think is inappropriate," DeSantis says.

 "I’d much rather be open. None of us are in a good position at this point. Money doesn’t come in if we don’t work," Whitbeck adds.

The stay at home curfew starts at 11 p.m. on Thursday and lasts through April 9.