Home for the holidays: Dog gets adopted in time for Christmas after 500 days in animal shelter

A five-year-old dog got the best Christmas gift ever: a new home for the holidays.

Bonita, a pit bull mix, was the longest resident at the Niagara County SPCA in Niagara Falls, New York. But that changed when Ray Kinz decided to bring her home.

The shelter shared video showing Bonita getting a loving sendoff by her former family members at the shelter. She jumps up and wags her tail as she passes through the crowd with Kinz.

“After nearly 500 days of being at the shelter, Bonita has left the building!” the shelter said.

(Niagara SPCA via Storyful)

(Niagara SPCA via Storyful)

Kimberly LaRussa, event coordinator at the Niagara SPCA, said Bonita would be dearly missed.

“Everybody loves her so much, and a lot of our employees are used to seeing her every day, so I know we are all going to miss her like crazy," LaRussa said.

She said Bonita's new home will be the perfect place for the shelter's most popular dog.

“She gets to be the lady of the house, which I’m sure is a dream come true for her.”

After adopting Bonita, Kinz set up an Instagram page to share photos of their new life together.