Caretaker allegedly attacks patient with perfume

The State of Florida will not pursue charges against a caretaker accused of abusing one of her clients.

According to an arrest report from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Sheldon was hired by Terry Thomas, 57, after she responded to an ad placed on Craigslist by Thomas.

Thomas says she lives with a number of medical issues that keep her confined to a motorized chair for most of the day and decided she needed a little extra help around her home. In the arrest report, Thomas states she has  "severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reactions if exposed to certain allergens, including perfumes and body sprays," which she says she communicated to Sheldon.

Thomas says she ran all the proper background checks on Sheldon, which she passed.  However, just three days into the job, Thomas says it was clear Sheldon was not the best fit.  When Thomas asked Sheldon to pack her things and leave, she says Sheldon became irate.  

According to the report, as Sheldon began to pack her belongings to leave, "she pulled out a bottle of perfume and sprayed herself and the air surrounding Ms. Thomas."

Thomas says Sheldon's actions triggered a respiratory reaction which led to a trip to the hospital.

"As a result, it caused great respiratory distress to the victim, to the point where they had to call 911, she has to go to the emergency room," explains Seminole County Sheriff's Office spokesman Bob Kealing. "This is a felony."