AdventHealth House Calls: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Mitchell Machado, a medical oncologist at AdventHealth Cancer Institute, joined Good Day Orlando on Monday morning to discuss Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Dr. Machado discussed the symptoms that could be early indications of lung cancer, including a cough that doesn't go away, unexplained weight loss, chest or back pain with no obvious underlying cause or shortness of breath.  Any of these symptoms should be explored.

Dr. Machado also addressed the fact that lung cancer is not always associated with smoking, and factors such as second hand smoke, exposure within occupations such as asbestos or radon can also lead to lung cancer.

There is excellent progress being made in the treatment of lung cancer, including immunotherapy treatments with less side effects, but because lung cancer is the most lethal cancer, it is advised that anyone with the symptoms mentioned seek medical guidance.

For more information about Lung Cancer Awareness Month or AdventHealth, click here