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Christmas is a week away and we know you probably have some special trip planned with the family! This is one of the most popular times of the year to head out of town to explore and create new memories! We tend to get excited and thrilled while planning and we get out as soon as possible to enjoy the most that we can! However, we forget to plan some important safe traveling for the road trip! In order to ensure you and your family are safe on the road use these road trip tips from our Toyota Service Team in Orlando

Holiday road trip prep tips from our Toyota Service Team in Orlando! 

The roads will most likely be crowded with travelers from all over the place. So be prepared to travel with heavy traffic. Be ready for your holiday travels from the help of our Toyota Service Center in Orlando to ensure a stress free road trip. Use our holiday traveling tips: 

Service car 

If you regularly keep up with your car’s maintenance then you might be in good shape! But ensure yours and your family’s safety by bringing your car to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! Our Orlando Toyota Service Techs will ensure your car is in great shape to travel. 

Pack wisely 

Traveling for the holidays entails packing gifts and goodies for all! However, try to pack lightly! Check your car manufacturer’s manual for the weight limit. Make sure you’re not surpassing the weight limit when you load the car. If the car is too heavy it affects the fuel efficiency and performance of the car. It might even damage the car and you’ll have to get repaired. 

Plan routes

Determine which route you’ll take on the way to your vacation. You should also plan alternate routes for your journey. The roads will be crowded! In case your original route gets congested take the alternate route. If you have a GPS or navigation system integrated in your car, plug in the address. It helps determine the easier and quicker routes to get to your final location. 

Defensive driving 

Since the roads will be so crowded you should brush up on your defensive driving techniques! Many drivers are on the road for hours on end and easily become distracted. Bring you’re a-game and stay alert! Use your defensive driving techniques to keep you and your family safe on the road. 

Our Toyota Service Team wishes you and your family a safe holiday! 

Driving in snow 

Are you planning on leaving the state? Floridians are pros at driving in the rain, but driving in snow is very different! Use safe driving techniques while driving in snow! If you have any questions our Orlando certified Toyota techs can give you a few pointers. 

Plan ahead

No one likes to plan for mishaps, but you should! Prepare an emergency kit, in case you get stuck on the road. Also make a plan with your family on what should be done in case of emergency.

If you have any question or want to schedule an appointment at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando, call (866) 244 – 1339.

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