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It seems like April just began yet we’re already hitting temperatures in the high 80’s and into the 90’s. April showers, bring May flowers and hot humid days! If you’re a natural Floridian then you’re familiar with the heat that is packed in the summer. Standing outside for ten minutes and you already have a tan and you’re dripping in sweat.  In order to be safe and protected from the sun you apply on sunscreen and wear protective clothing. However, your car needs some protection as well! That’s why our Orlando Toyota Service Center wants to share summer auto service tips to keep you car in tip-top shape! 

Keep your car fresh this summer with our Orlando auto service tips! 

Believe it or not, cars need protection from the heat as well. Sitting out in the heat can cause wear and tear. Not to worry though! Our Orlando auto service team is here to help you protect your car from the scorching summer sun. 


Let’s start prepping from the inside out. Yes, the interior isn’t fully exposed to the sun, but it is to the heat! One way to keep the hot air from rushing in is by getting your windows tinted.  Getting your windows tinted is affordable and totally worth it in those hot summer days! You can come to our auto service center in Orlando to get it done in no time. If you’ll be parked out in the sun for an extended period of time without sun covering, our Toyota Service team recommends using a sunshade. Not only does the sunshade help keep the heat out, it also protects the dashboard from the sun rays. The sunrays can actually cause the dashboard to fade, so keep it protected with the sunshade. 

Get your car in check at our auto service center in Orlando! 

Under the hood 

One very important part during the summer time is to get everything in shape under the hood! Dust off the spring pollen and get your car ready for summertime. Here are some things to get in check at our Orlando auto service center: 



  • Get your recommended oil change to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently during hot days
  • Top off your coolant to keep your engines cool without overheating 
  • Air filter replacement to keep the air flow strong and cool in the car’s cabin 
  • Replenish your fluids such as brake fluid, transmissions and wiper fluids 
  • Replace your windshield wiper to have clear visibility during those summer showers

  • Exterior 

    Make sure you give your car a deep cleaning all around to get rid of any pollen particles. Don’t forget to wash the underbody as well! Once you’re done and the car has been dried, apply a coat of car wax. The wax will help protect the paint from sun damage and fading.  Remember if you go to the beach, wash your car after! The salt and water can create rust on your car. 

    If you want to schedule a quick auto service at our Orlando Toyota service center call (866) 945-0493! 

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